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The Takelma language program strives to unite our Cow Creek Tribal Community & families by making language available to all tribal members in order to strengthen cultural identity.


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Takelma Dictionary

This video teaches how introduce yourself in Takelma. You will learn how to say your name, where you are from, and if you are of the Cow Creek People. This video is for both Tribal and non-Tribal members to use. This is an introduction you can use at Tribal and family gatherings, work meetings or to introduce yourself at any community event.

Takelma Language Books

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Takelma Language Curriculum

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Takelma Restored Audio


This form will guide you through a Takelma language request. The Cow Creek Tribe Language Program is committed to providing accurate and faithful use of the Takelma language to the Tribe and community and responding to current language needs.


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