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Thinking about your interests, your preferences, things you enjoy doing, and looking at options available to you for learning and gaining additional education are all part of career planning. Whether you are having a conversation about different occupations, or talking about work-related goals you have for yourself, you are pulling together pieces that will help you create a career plan. It’s called Networking (process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts).

Learning about different careers can be a lot of fun.  You can visit someone working in a job you are interested in learning more about and ask them questions about their job, how they got it, what education they have and more in an informational interview. You can also job shadow or complete an internship, or volunteer for a variety of organizations or events to get exposed to all kinds of jobs.


Oregon CIS

Cow Creek Career Center is a licensed user of the Oregon CiS (Career Information System). Tribal students and adults alike have the ability to utilize the one-stop career development and employment website. Oregon CIS partners with Occupational and Career Information, Oregon Department of Education, Oregon Student Access Commission, Oregon State Library, Oregon Employment Department, Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development, Oregon Post-secondary schools and training providers, Business and Industry.

The Oregon Career Information System (CIS) gathers detailed data from the national, state, and regional levels and presents it online in an easily navigable and interconnected system. The information in CIS is reviewed and updated annually so that students can make informed decisions based on current and local information. Each individual can create a Portfolio

with their unique username and password to access CIS. A person’s Portfolio empowers them to take control of their own career and educational development by using accurate information to make informed decisions about their future.

Some of the many ways CIS benefits individuals:Provides descriptions of every accredited or licensed post-secondary program of study or training offered in Oregon as well as contact information, tuition and fees, direct website links, program outcomes, etc.Over 1100 Oregon-specific ScholarshipsRegional occupational wagesEmployment and OutlookBarriers to employmentEducation planResume CreatorPlus many more features

**All members who participate in the Cow Creek Career Center program will have the opportunity to utilize and take advantage of this successful transitional resource.


O*Net (Occupational Informational Network) is widely-used career exploration tool for job seekers to help identify career interest areas that are most relevant to themselves.


AchieveWorks, your personal assessments in discovering your Personality, Skills, Learning & Productivity, and Intelligence.

So many times we find ourselves wondering what careers we might do well in and which would best suit me. It’s not always about our current “values, skills and interests,” as you are always changing and growing, but rather consider your personality type – the innate way you naturally see the world and make decisions, a set of basic drives and motivations that remain constant throughout a person’s life.

Contact the Cow Creek Career Center program manager to get started on your assessments and understand how the results and information are used to help discover the world of work possibilities, resume building, and college exploration.


When you meet with people for informational interviews, you can learn what they do in their jobs, how they prepared to do it, what they like and dislike about their jobs, and what advice they have to offer you. They may even have ideas for you after you share your goals and interests with them.

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Experiential learning  is the process of learning through experience, and is more specifically defined as “learning through reflection on doing.”

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